Thursday, May 27, 2010

Emil Petrov from Finland, 20 years old, born 04.12.-89, was on his way home to Stockholm, Sweden from 2 and a half months travel in Europe. 
In the last e-mails he sent on October 1, 2009 he told he was in Warsaw, Poland and going to continue traveling towards Berlin, Germany the same evening.
We were expecting him to be home before the 8th October. But after the 1st, we have not been able to reach him.


Latest pictures of Emil, taken by Risto in Ukraina, september 29, before Emil left to travel home from Odessa

If you have seen him, or know anything that could help us find him please contact us:
to teave a report in Poland : 0048 22 654 70 70
or e-mail:

Emil, spring 2009

How to recognize Emil by looks
He has a strong chin, straight teeth, brown-green eyes, well defined cheekbones.
His hair is brown and length of it below the chin. Since we last saw him and from the latest pictures we know it is a little tangled, like beginning to be dreadlocks.
He is tall, 190+ cm, always been slim, and has broad shoulders.
Shoesize : 45 ( ! )
His voice is little coarse, he often speaks slowly and not very loud.
He speaks Finnish, Swedish, English, a little German, and from what he told us he tried to learn some Russian on his trip. If he has stayed in Poland since october, he probably knows some Polish too by now.
His movements are often calm, and he walks mostly quite slow.
His clothing normally is carefree and relaxed. Often he wears worn, sometimes broken clothes, and often wool when cold. Now the style can ofcourse be different.
He can seem to be dreamy and in his own thoughts.
He is well mannered and kind, so if you see him, dont be afraid to talk to him and ask him if he is Emil!

Emil, spring 2009 and late summer 2008

Information we have about his trip:
Emil left Stockholm in the middle of July to go for an adventure. He did not take any money, bank cards or phone with him. He left a letter to us, explaining that he had to go and that he would be back for the autumn.
The next time we heard of him was after 2 weeks, he was in Germany.
Then he e-mailed us shortly from Italy, 2 of August, and told he had some surprices for us when he'd come back in the autumn. He seemed busy and glad.
16 of August he e-mailed again from Brindisi, Italy. Told us that things were good, he was happy, and heading east. He apologised for leaving so suddenly.
Next time we had contact, 29. Aug, he was already in Odessa, Ukraina and was busy working with his prjoect, probably the same one as earlier. He said it was tough on the streets there, but that he had fortuna with him. He hoped he could come home during the next month. He told me he was learning russian and that he would tell us about his projects when we meet in Stockholm. He sounded busy, but positive about what he was doing and what i talked about we were doing in Stockholm, and our plans for later, when he'd be home.
19 of September he e-mailed us again and told us he was taking care of a blind little black cat, and that he was in a controversial situation that he could not explain now.. but we would hear everything about it and all his adventures when he comes home. He said he was well and doing good.
Friday 25 September Emil called our mother from Odessa.
Some people working with homeless people in Odessa had seen Emil around the station area for many days and gotten worried about him, that he would not get back home but would start living on the streets. They wanted to help him and took him to a Finnish man who offered to lend some money for flying home and a place to sleep until traveling. They decided to buy the tickets, but then Emil said in an e-mail on the next day Sat 26 that he had changed his mind and decided to come home some other way. He was sorry for making us worried and told our mother he'd be home in Finland soon, probably together with me (Emma), passing home in Sweden first.

Emil stayed in the familys home for the weekend and R, the father told us later that they had a nice weekend with Emil. He said that Emil had been happy and open, and that they had talked alot about their thoughts about life and beliefs. Some things were strange to him: that it seemed that Emil could had continued living in town without a roof over his head and without hurrying anywhere, even after getting robbed.
He had been sleeping on beaches and in caves, also he seemed incautious, when he told he had followed strangers to different places. Many times people had tried to rob him.
He also had told R that some signs told him he should continue southeast, but that he started missing home after he talked to his family and that he wanted to go home now.

On Sunday 27. September Emil left Odessa with the night train leaving 19.00 to Lvov (still in Ukraine), where the train arrived monday morning 7.10, 28 September.
R had given him 50 euros and the people helping homeless gave him the same amount of money in Ukrainian grivna. This 12 h travel by train cost ca 8 euros.

R also told us that when Emil got on the train he was wearing: the blue shirt he had on the pictures, brown slim pants (with broken zipper), black and white-striped t-shirt and light coloured sneakers.
With him he had:
- Old Green sleeping bag
- Big black plastic bag with a round white BMW logo on, with things in.
- Knitted colourful small shoulder bag.
- Small basket
- Painting colours
- Paintbrushes, liquorice root sticks and a small writing block, in his breast pocket
- Fruits, vegetables and Crisp bread called “Finn Crisp”
- A blue covered Finnish psalm book and The New Testament printed by the Gideon’s that he got as a gift from the Finnish missionary family
- A brownish sweater.
Also a light jacket that the people helping homeless gave him.

We did not know how he continued his travel after that, until a little time ago, when we got information trough Interpol about recordings of him at the Ukrainian-Polish border. He had crossed it on a bus on the night to Thursday, the 1st October, 1.30 am. From what we have heard by now, it seems most likely it was a bus going all the way from Lvov to Warsaw. We are waiting for more information about the bus he was on, from interpol.

So, 1st October, he wrote us an e-mail ca 11 am telling he was in Warsaw and that he hoped he would be home before the 8th October when we had arranged a meeting about our common projects in Sweden.
He wrote he has "A LOT to tell", and that he’s "whole world turned upside down during this trip" (seemed not to mean in a bad way). He sounded positive.

The same day some hours later he e-mailed the Finnish family in Odessa and told them he is going to continue traveling towards Berlin later that evening.
He also wrote that he had a couple of hard lessons on the way. That could mean that he got robbed and lost the money he had, but thats just a guess.
So most probable possibilities are that he, If he had money left, took a train or bus to/towards Berlin. I have heard that the cheapest train from Warsaw to Berlin is ca 29 euro. If he wanted to save money, or did not have any, he could have hitch-hiked, probably then with truck-drivers, because they often drive night time too, or from gas stations. Its difficult to hitch-hike from along the road when it's dark, and it would be not so smart to plan to start doing it in the evening. Another option would also be trying to travel without a ticket, taking the risk to be cought by the controllers and thrown out or having to wait for police to get a fine, etc.

From 2008

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mietiskelyjä Suomesta

Marko A. Facebookin Finding Emil ryhmän seinällä ehdotti ryhmän jäsenten lupaavan 10e yhdessä koottavaan löytöpalkkioon sille joka antaisi vihjeen joka oikeasti johtaa suoraan Emiliin, jonka avulla saataisiin vähän suurempi motivaatio vihjeiden esilleyskäisemiseksi niille joilla sellaisia saattaisi olla, tai heille ketkä jotenkin viitsisivät rahan takia vaivautua etsimään oikeita johtolankoja.

Löytyisi tähän nyt muiltakin jäseniltä innostusta liittyä tai ei, niin tämä idea saattaisi jossain hyvällä tavalla järjestetyssä muodossa toimia myös tulevissa katoamistilanteissa muille perheille joilla ei myöskään ole suuria summia etsintään tai varsinkaan löytöpalkkioon.
Ollaan koko etsinnän ajan mietitty aina välillä itse jonkinlaisen työn jatkamista tämän aiheen parissa, kun nyt on saatu aika paljon kokemusta tästä kuitenkin todella erikoisesta tilanteesta.
Organisaatioitahan on Puolassa, jossa vuosittain katoaa hurjan paljon ihmisiä, (20 000!), Amerikassa, sekä Englannissa, (tosin eniten kadonneiden lasten tapauksiin liittyviä), mutta esim pohjoismaalaista järjestöä ei tähän mennessä ole löytynyt, ja vaikka, tai no, Just siksi että katoamiset on aika harvinaisia ja tilanteet joihin lähimmäiset jäävät todella odottamattomia ja järkyttäviä, niihin tarvittavat tiedot ja työkalut ovat tilaanteeseen joutuville todella tarpeen.

Tää voisi olla yksi niistä.
Kiitos Marko, Hieno aloite ja idea!

Tähän mennessä meillä taitaa potissa olla luvatussa muodossa koossa siis yhteensä 20e Markolta ja Viiviltä, sekä se 1000 e jonka me olemme luvanneet löytöpalkkioksi jo aikaisemmin.
Pitäisiköhän tähänkin kehittää jonkinlainen systeemi?
Jos käy hyvin niin Emil löytyy ilman tarvetta löytöpalkkioon, mutta lupauksen olemassaolosta voi etsinnän aikana olla suurtakin hyötyä. Raha on useimmille tietenkin mielekästä ja motivoi moneen.

Emilistä ei ikävä kyllä ole kuulunut mitään uutta vieläkään, eikä itse etsintä ole paljoa edistynyt vähään aikaan. Kukaan meistä ei oikein ole jaksanut päivittää blogia, varsinkaan itse katoamiseen liittyvin tiedoin. Ehkä sen voi etsintää seuranneet hyvinkin ymmärtää.. mutta se ei myöskään oikein vie prosessia eteenpäin, ja saattaa luoda vähän oudon, epäuskottavankin kuvan ulkopuolisille, joka tuntuu - koska etenemisemme etsinnässä on suuresti näiden netissä olevien tietopintojen kautta ihmisten kanssa kommunikoidessa tapahtunut - siis myös tylsältä.

Äiti jatkaa vieläkin päivittäin usein satojen meilejen lähettämistä joka paikkaan, tietoa välittää yhä ihmiset kaikenlaisilla tahoilla eteenpäin ja julisteet tekevät työtään siellä missä niitä on ja parhaillaan laitetaan ylös. Pari tuhatta julistetta kai ollaan saatu Puolan kaupunkien pinnoille laitettua, ja teiden varsien kuppiloihin ja pysähdyspaikkoihin.
Silmiä pidetään Puolassa ja muuallakin vielä auki ja toivotaan kovaa että joku Emilin mahdollisesti nähnyt saattaisi vielä muistaa hänet.
Krakovasta, josta paljon on tullut raportteja myöskään ei ole nyt kuulunut mitään lähes pariin viikkoon.

Oon itse ollut kaksi ja puoli viikkoa nyt suomessa lataamassa pattereitani, ja huomaan että työhön rupeaminen on paljon vaikeampaa kuin uskoin, sen jälkeen kun on vaan yrittänyt jättää stressaava työ ja tilanne pois mielestä niin hyvin kuin mahdollista.
Aikomukseni oli tällä viikolla ruveta järjestämään kaikkea seuraavaa etappia varten, Berliini-Tanskan eri reitit- Ruotsiin, mutta vielä, kun avaan sähköpostin ja aion ruveta johonkin pieneenkin Emilin katoamiseen liittyvään, päässä alkaa todella huimaamaan ja tuntuu useimmiten mahdottomalta saada yhtään mitään valmiiksi.

Ollaan päästy niin pitkälle onnistumisen uskon voimalla, rakkaudella, jaksamisella, ja muiden ihmisten tuella..

Tuttujen ja ystävien kontaktejen kautta saatu mediahuomio on tuonut Emilin kuvan tv:n ja lehtien kautta lukemattomien ihmisten näkyville ja auttanut meitä puolassa saamaan myös poliiseilta todella paljon apua. Aiemmin tuntemattomat tukevat ihmiset on antaneet paljon rohkeutta jatkamiseen.

Kuitenkin koen todella raskaaksi tilanteen loppuun selvittämisen, no ensinnäkin yleensä edes projektin onnistumisen epävarmuuden takia, sekä edessä olevan työn sisältämän taatun vaikeuden. Samoin ajatuksen siitä miten tajuttoman voimakkaaksi täytyisi ruveta jotta saisi puskettua kaikkea vieläkin yhtä suuria tai suurempiakin askeleita eteenpäin.

Se että en poliisilta vieläkään saa kysymyksiini tai pyyntöihini mitään vastausta jollen ärsytä heitä puheluilla päiviä putkeen.. (en jaksa nyt edes kokeilla) vaikka tiedän että on asioita joita he vielä hyvin voivat tehdä...

Että tiedän miten paljon skarppina, nopeana ja uutterana olemista vaaditaan samanlaisen mediahuomion herättämiseen nyt Saksassa...varsinkin kun juttu jo on alkanut vanhentua ja kesä jo nopeaan tulossa.. sekä jos se onnistuu, vauhdissa mukana ja Koossa pysymistä...

Se miten paljon työtä kaikki Saksastakin mahdollisesti tulevat selvitettävät raportit Emilin näköisistä nuorista miehistä kokemukseni mukaan tietää, jos ei tv:n tai lehtien kautta, niin pelkästään julisteiden...

Ajatus kaikkien uusien ihmisten jatkuvasta kohtaamisesta tässä kunnossa sekä tyhmien tilanteiden ja väärinkäsitysten välttäminen vierailijana synkän ja vaikean aiheen kera maassa jonka kieltä ei puhu...

Eri sydämelle tärkeiden ihmisten erilaisten toivomusten ja mielipiteiden välissä vastuullisenhaluisena mutta erittäin mitta täynnä mahd. tunteellisesti tunnemyrskyissä tasapainotellessa..

Kaikki pitkät silmiäkirvelevät tunnit tietokoneen äärellä, oikeita sanoja kirjeisiin ja teksteihin valitsemassa, uskomattoman hienoa apua vastaanottamassa mutta myös järjestämässä ja eri suuntiin välittämisessä,

jne jne jne...

tyhmää ehkä valittaa, ei kenenkään elämä mutkatonta ole..ja aina voi suhteuttaa tilanteensa johonkin 100 kertaa suurempaan mutta tällaiset asiat tulevasta ajasta tässä hetkessä mielessäni kuitenkin nyt.... Lannistaa.
ja saa minut tahtomaan jättää koko homma sikseen.

Tiedän että oikealla asenteella voi tehdä ihan mitä vaan, ja koossa pysyy jotenkuten, tarpeeksi ja ajoittain todella hyvinkin kun kokoon itsensä saa,
mutta en koe tietäväni nyt miten pääsen takaisin sihen asetukseen.
Enkä sitä milloin saatan kulkea rajan yli jolla ehkä vahingoitan itseäni pahasti
jos löydän keinon jaksaa lisää mutten osaisikaan antaa väsymyksen olla tarpeeksi olemassa vaan ajaisin liian kovaa sen ylitse.

Tahdon tehdä jotain tämän selvittämisen eteen.. mutta oon vähän pihalla.. Mitä?

Kun löytyy tapa olla omalle ololle kuulosteleva, ja tapa jatkaa työtä (!), Järjestettäviä asioita ennen seuraavaa fyysistä tiedonlevitysliikettä ovat:

- Saksankielinen versio blogista kuntoon
- blogiin joitakin tärkeitä puuttuvia tekstejä tilanteestamme, väärinkäsitysten sekä tiedon suullisen toistamisen ja tekstin uudelleen kirjoittamisen minimoimiseksi.
- Yhteys vapaaehtoisiin tulkkeihin Berliinissä, (mahd. viranomaisten tai muiden henkilöiden ja meidän välillä tarpeen tullen)
- Eri teitse löytyviin mediassa työskenteleviin ihmisiin yhteys, aikasuunnitelman ja media info- tekstin kanssa, jossa olisi joitain Emilin katoamisesta erityisesti Saksaan littyviä, tai muuten ajankohtaisia esille tuotuja pointteja
- Muistilista meille haastattelujen varalle, tärkeistä esilletuotavista tiedoista, ettei sanota vahingossä väärin tai unohdeta asioita
- ehkä joitain valmiita toimivia valokuvia juttuihin, jotta joka haastattelutilanteessa ei tarvitse miettiä näyttääkö siltä että nolottaako kun juttu julkaistaan.
-pyytää suomen suurlähetystöltä jonkinlaista apua saada Emilin kuva + tiedot suurimpiin uutislähetyksiin ja lehtiin, jos ei muuten tunnu onnistuvan, tai ehkä heti?
- etsiä halpa hyvä printtauspaikka saksankielisille julisteille
- järjestää asuminen/parkkeeraus
- muistutuslista ehkä itsensä kunnossa pitämisellekin..on helppoa olla huolimaton siinä.

Toivon teille kaikille tilannettamme suraaville todella hyvää kevättä ja itsenne kanssa toimivissa suhteissa ja näin oloissa olemista.
Suuri Kiitos siitä että olette mukana, millä asenteilla tai tunteilla olettekaan.

Erityiset Kiitokset tällä kertaa myös kaikille Isoäitini Marian ystäville ja muille ystävillemme, tutuille ja tuntemattomille jotka ovat rahallisesti tahtoneet tukea meitä etsintätyössä, joille en ole vielä kunnolla saanut lämmintä syvää kiitosta perille. KIITOS!!!

Emma Olga Amanda Petrov

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Sunday, April 18, 2010



We are now in Poznan, beautiful city.

We have been here about 5 days, we have painted the car, relaxed under the hot sun ..and so on.

We would like to do some media in Poznan too, but haven got any answers yet, so lets see if there will be any.

Our next aim is to get to berlin and start with media, maybe some art project or something else to get the attention, lets see..

Oh.. and a lovely, energik young girl has kept us company for a couple of days, so Im happy.

Otherwise .. hmm.. we met some nice hippies today who invited us to their home, and introduced us to some squatters here in poznan. the squat was cool..

there lived 3 dogs and about 20 people.

Car is in good shape now. but there is still some small things that could be fixed..

the summer is real hot here.. yeah..

okay .. well bye.

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Monday, March 29, 2010


Hi guys its been a while since we last posted about our searching.. well we have kind of taken a brake from the internet. but now we thought that it would be time for a updating for those who still follow our journey even if it has been so long and no resulting:)

As you can read on the last post emma is in finland now.. we really hope she can relax and rely on us when it comes to the search.. even if she has been the main engine until now.

Me Ilja and David are still in Konin living with an very lovely young couple, at their flat. we also went to their parents house a bit outside of Konin to take it easy on the weekend.

Now we are sitting in the car, we have earlier on the day taken out the gearbox from our old car because the shell cracked and now david is polishing it so we can take it for welding tomorrow. Then we should be ready to continue our journey towards Berlin… Finally!!!

The plan is that while we still are in Konin and have good access to internet we will contact the media in every small/bigger town that we are gonna pass when we drive to Berlin, and make appointments for interviews for the bigger towns. we have also written an press-info to send to newspapers.

Otherwise we are doing quite good, the days are getting hotter and the flowers are already searching their way up true the ground to catch some of the wonderful energy from our beautiful sun. but as the days pass my hope for that emil still is alive somewhere decreases. as sad as it is.


ps. if someone knows someone who has spearparts to Hanomag-mercedes 206D or 306D please give us a call or send an email. the main things are windscreen, breakdrums, right headlamp, gearbox, locks and some other small tings.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010


It's been a while since i wrote anything here.

It is not because we have quit searching and given up, or because we would have found Emil.. its just because i am very exhausted.

I came to finland on friday, to keep my travel insurance valid, to meet my family, to try to take a break and work some things out here.

Its hard, because im afraid that we will miss good opportunities to spread the information, but im sure it would eventually cost more to not stop to breathe for a while. I'm very low in energies and power now, feeling quite confused, but keeping in "shape" anyways. Hopefully will manage to loose it too for some clearing and healing.

Feels so good to be in Finland, and strange. Everything is different.

About the searching work and what is going on with it - i hope Ilja and David will tell more. 


the Dzien Dobry show thing was cancelled, maybe something more with them later - when i (if i need to) return to Poland/Germany. If im fit, im going back in a couple of weeks.

Big hugs to all dear ones

breathing out....... Emma

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Sorry, i forgot to tell, we will be on Dzien Dobry show on the coming Monday, not yesterday...

Today we made an short interview for the Konin Tv with the translating of Ewas helpful student Bartek. Ewa from Konin arranged the whole meeting for us.

An interview was also made for the local newspaper Przeglad Koninski, read in not only Konin, but some more cities too in the area of Koninski.

The local radio will send something also, taking information from the homesite.

There was a call about maybe Emil yesterday evening, when a woman saw a young guy sleeping at the trainstation in Krakow.

He was very drunk and she went to the policeoffice near by to come and talk with him.. he had only mumbeled some strange words to her.. but she could not find anyone at the station.

so we tried to call the Krakow police... without answers in any numbers.......... and then the straz miejska.. without any answers............. and then finally we called ITAKA, who effectively got some people to go and check if it was really him, but unfortunately it was not... there was only some asian guy in the whole area, who could have been the guy she talked about.

A pity, but good that the woman cared to call!

We have been staying the last days with Kasia and Pawel, who are helping alot with putting posters, driving around and lots more. Nice people :) and their dogs are veery cute.

Feeling OK, a little shaky.. but enjoying the sun alot..... :)

Emil, Emil, Emil, Emil, Emil, EMil, EMil, Emil....

Some people have suggested to just forget about the searching - that probably he just wanted to be alone for some time...or something like that. Maybe he did not like his family.. .

It feels a little hurting to hear that we should not be doing this, even if it can be true that he just does not want to show up, of some more or less serious reason.

It is ofcourse a very positive possibility that he did choose to not tell us and just is staying somewhere else. That is what we all hope for the most - because it would mean he was not forced to stay away by an accident or something else awful, but can be somewhere feeling good.

He is an adult and free to go where ever he wants, his family is not going to force him anywhere. We have just been left in a situation where all the signs Emil has given to us say that the most probable thing is that something serious happened.

When someone doesnt come, when he has been telling you a whole summer he is gonna, without leaving ANY signs about the "not-coming" being a conscious decision.. what else can we do but go looking?

In october 5ft, 6th, 7th..! 8th!!? 9th! 10th..??! 11..??? 12???? , i was looking out from the kitchen window in Gebers collective house, waiting for him to knock on our housecar door, expecting him to walk in to the room any second, Really exited about the fact that he was going to be there!!! any minute or day..

and it really really really has not been nice to feel like that tired (stupid?) sad window watcher still after more than 5 months....

IF he is just bored of us, or what ever....hiding somewhere, and you know something about it, Tell us now, or please make him tell us, so that we know we dont have to search anymore. Because this is really not fun and i really want to go home already.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Car in Warsaw and Konin?

Our car arrived to Konin yesterday, luckily.. ;) but it is really not in the best condition for stopping and starting alot, like we need to do on the roads when putting up posters at gas-stations etc.
Also Zuza who was driving with me earlier, cant do it anymore.

We would need to either borrow a car in Konin to drive back and forward the a2 road (e30) and possibly some other paralel roadparts for a couple of days. Or if there is someone who'd like to drive with one of us doing it. Or if someone knows where to buy/lend a small cheap ok car to do it with.

Also when i leave Warsaw tomorrow, it would be great if there was someone who could drive with me after 11 o klock, and post up on the roadstops to Konin(or atleast a part of the way).

We will ofcourse pay for the gas and expenses.

Please contact us if you think you can help with any of this!
Thank you!!!

Short report of the search for Emil on 18 o klock news yesterday on TVP : here.
Thank you Piotr and TVP!!!
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New report

We just got a phonecall from a truck driver who met a hitch-hiker 2 weeks ago between Konin and Poznan. Sounded like the boy looked like Emil, and he had asked for a ride to Berlin, but also.... i guess young hitch hiker boys are quite often skinny and long haired and have sleeping bags with them. We sent some more pictures of him to the guy, maybe he is more sure about yes or no, after seeing them.
He read the article about Emil today on -the news portal for the Konin area.

We made an interview for TVP 18.00-news this morning, and i will stay 2 more days in Warsaw for the TVN Morningshow on thursday.
Ilja and david are soon driving towards Konin, and will be able to go to the gas station where the driver met the boy, and ask for more info from people who work there, recordings, etc.
Itaka also recieved the report and are helping us to get the information from the gas station and talking to the local police.

Nothing new yet to the Krakow questions..

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A long post..

There came a Very exiting call yesterday evening....
A guy, S, from Krakow called to say that he thinks for sure Emil is in town.
On monday he had talked to a punk guy he knows, Z, who was telling him about his Finnish friend, a guy who would travel next week towards east, belarus or ukraine.....
Yesterday he saw a poster and called us.

This Z guy, is the same guy we have heard is seen on Grodska outside of Kefirek.. and who was written about in the blog with the picture of a boy quite similar to Emil..(that the people reporting about Emil on Grodska tols was not who they mixed up with Emil for sure).
We got the number to his girlfriend, V, and with the help of Ula here in Warsaw we called her.
She told us she or her boyfriend (Z) dont know Emil, or any finnish guy, but that she has the number to another punk guy who told he saw Emil some time ago.
We called him up, D, and it turned out it was the same guy we talked to in Krakow in the hostel, when we thought we were really really close, you remember?... D had apparently seen Emil or someone alike in a park some month ago.. he never spoke to "Emil", but was quite sure its him by the looks and description.
He was quite drunk wen we met him but seemed very willing to help finding Emil.

SO we called back to S and asked if he was reealy sure about the person and what he said, and he said he was.. and that he would be able to meet the punks the next day to ask again.

We were thinking about the possibility that they really know Emil and that maybe he had told them he dont want to be found.. so we asked him to make it very clear that we dont intend to force Emil to come home or anything, but just want to know if he is good, so that we can stop worrying and looking for him. so if they know him ,they would tell it to him..
Of course, if its him, we really want to talk to him and ask him what is going on and why he has not told us about his changes of plans... but if he doesnt want to, its impossible i guess. (or we have to try to fool him into a meeting with us...!?)

So today S called us around 18, just when we were coming home from putting posters in warsaw and along the start of 1 of the roads to berlin and told he talked to them, and - this is really strange - he said that the punk guy Z and D are the same person..? quite confusing...
and that now Z/D is saying the same thing as to us - that he doesnt know Emil but saw him in the park...

hmm hmm hmm...
either it is so that some of these persons have just heard/said the wrong thing, or misunderstood something..made up something to get a reward...? or Emil really is there..
if someone of us just did not misunderstand it, and D and Z are the same guy, and the girlfrind was making up that its another guy.. it is indicating that some lying/making up is going on. and that makes it even more likely that they are hiding something.. maybe Emils location.
Anyhow, if he would be passing a border outside of Schengen or EU, it would be recorded and he would probably be stopped to tell he is reported missing... but im not sure really what would happen. could ask itaka or police about it.
really strange. REally hope its him!!!!!

I drove today with Zuzia (my great new search-advicor and spiritlifter) to Sochaczew and back another road, putting posters on bus-stops, truck stops, restaplace restaurants and gas-stations. there was some problem with hanging them on the gas stations.. not all of them are privately owned, and in many places they said they just cant take a poster.. so we will try to contact some person working in the top of the companies tomorrow to try getting a special permission for it.
In many places though, they were really nice and put it up gladly.
We did not get very far, because there was some arrangements in the morning that took until 12...and we wanted to get back before dark, but we got some kind of picture of what time it takes to do this - stopping in every place.. its slow. but hopefully effective. these are anyway places where lots of people pass every day, also those who might be driving the road regularly.
Thank you So much Zuzia....!

I had a nice day with lots of talking..... my mood has not been very high the last week/s? ..cant remember. it goes so up and down and feels just chaotic most of the time... but it did very good to me to move around with a new person. We got lots of good ideas, and i feel like working again :)

1 idea is for everyone who wants to help spreading the word about Emil, without very much costs or energy needed. you need a car though....or some similar place that many people will see : to print 1 copy of the a A4 poster and put inside your car window, the one in the back seat.
Where ever it will stand, especially in town, someone can see it.

an other idea was to create somekind of event - probably in berlin - to paint our car toghether with some artists. ...with styles of course fitting to our own tastes... painting somekind of message about the search for Emil.. with the webadress and alike..
it could be done as a kind of installation, in a public place.. a square or some other visited place... and be a good draw of attention to the case. Lets see what this idea can evolve to.

Iv'e been contacting some different people from tv here in warsaw, but they seem very busy. Im waiting for answers about yeses or no's. lets keep fingers crossed and come with good ideas!

we've got lots of thoughts and tryes on other contacting too.. the national Gazeta Wyborcza, famous people, milkboxes ;), tv programmes..... it seems like we maybe will delay our plan to leave Warsaw on saturday with some days, if someone gets interested. if we get the chance, its worth alot to do something more in media!

Tomorrow we will move out from our room in the center for contemporary art and probably sleep in the car for some nights. its still cold outside, but its hot in the sleeping bag, esp. in the mornings - good housewagon, must be. ;)
(Thank you Dante and Derly for selling it to us!)

Thank you Janusz, Zbyszek, Majka, Marianna, Ula . . . and the others, for the stay, printings, parking etc in CSW! we liked it !

Also, Thank you very very much all our hosts and helpers in Krakow!
We were really taken well care of! Really :)
The weeks after the very intensive first days of following the big exiting reports about Emil in Krakow were quite heavy, and for me - much about trying to find back to something like myself, and a connection to some calm. We were given very nice space for it in both Krszyztofs, Dorotas and Ore's home, as all other very hospitable and lovely peoples homes we were offered to share for different long times.
There were some outbursts of tension, that caused some hurting, confusion and rumbles.. but it feels like it's calmed down now, even if ive been too tired to do so much about everything it made move. sometimes letting be, can be a working way too..? especially when you dont have the energy to see what to do, and acting just tends to cause more chaos...

Even if we get lots of ease to the situation from helping hearts, this could never be only easy.


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Monday, March 8, 2010

Search team in Warsaw now

Hello! Back in Warsaw at last. Krakow was strangely hard o leave.. It was not only because we liked it so well at Pawels place that we had hard to leave but also like, you know when everything running against you when you gonna go.. First we should be of at Thursday night. Then Pawel said us we better stay till morning. Okay then we thought, early train is good train. Then in the morning after we decided on not "so" early train i suddenly came o think about he car keys.. Were were they really? So had we to go trough our packing and turn upside down on the flat a couple times before we gave up and went to town at afternoon. The keys.. is probably up at Goece mountains somewhere. In town we met another homeless guy saying he was sure he had seen Emil! But a little shorter it seemed from asking. We also met Liliana and Marta and said goodbye to them to take the 19.24 train.. well, Ilja just HAD to run for some food from he shop so 20.36 we went. Well even came 6 minutes early. Nothing special about this but you know how it can feel. Like don't leave, Emil is still here. But after a month.. no. On we went to look other places. We still have the road to Berlin to cover with posters, The Grodska Optic shop Bank card number to solve, train conductors to hear and a lot more..

And for you whom ask if we are now sure Emil is not in Krakow i can only say No.
I would like to be sure, but no I'm not. But i think that if he is there we will here about it soon. Tuesday-Wednesday Iljaand me put up some 300 New Krakow edition posters in Krakow downtown with a promise of 4000 zl (1000€) reward for him delivered by hand, and if you know Krakow you know that it is not so big, so.. and then we had printed small color flyers to city guards with contact info for them to have with them, also with reward.

Already before this last raid Emil was a very very well known man in Krakow because of earlier postings, newspaper articles and so on, so does he get trough this net he has to be somewhat sober and well and really deliberately not wanting to get in contact with us, and that's is in such case his choice and somewhat OK even if i now don't think he doesn't want to See us.
So if he is there and need us i really think he will hear from him soon.

Theresa in the optic shop saw the pictures of the other guy we thought she could have mixed with Emil and recognized him but said it wasn't him which still leaves us with this thread open..

Here in Warsaw it was nice to See the car again and yesterday and today i was fixing the clutch. To start with it leaked a little (break fluid transmission) but after having pushed and pulled a little on the lower cylinder it stopped. Hopefully it was a sand grain on the packing or something alike. I had it loose and open and there was some corrosion in the cylinder and some pits in the walls at some position. Please send a prayer for it for me. Emma has been answering Emails and preparing for another round with TV medias here in Warsaw. Possible involving police and Itaka.
Also we are preparing for Media in Germany and local media in places on the way there.. so if you have some good contacts or even any contact info to such, please inform us or put us in contact with them.

Thank you for today.
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Monday, March 1, 2010

About to leave Krakow..


We have met a lot of people living on the streets in Krakow and we talked to 2 guys who have been living on the streets here all their life before going to the mountains. Their recommendation for us was to leave the city and instead try to get different governmental institutios and specialized forces doing something - that all the street people of Krakow already are informed and have their eyes open. they thought that if Emil would have been here that long, we would already have found some proof about it, and if he would come to town, it would not take long for the word to come to our ears. Or even if he had been here, someone would eventually be able to remember somthing to ensure it really was him. so far we dont have any report that would confirm its him even by the name.
Now we have also put a reward of 4000zl (1000 euro) for leading us directly in contact with Emil.
The next important thing now, that we should not delay anymore, is to continue forward along the route he told us he was taking on the 1st of october.. and try to create some attention in newsmedia in germany. Lets see how we succeed. Atleast my energy starts to be quite much out, and i have difficult to imagine having the power to do a same kind of run again as esp. warsaw but also krakow was for us. at least not as efficcient and fast. may changes happen in my feeling about that! i know there lies endless super powers within.. :)

And yes, the punks.. well we have not got answer to our e-mails or phonecalls so far. i met some of the guys i believe were of the same friend-group as the ones who used to sit outside of Kefirik. They were playng the guitar on Florianska street - just on the opposite side of the main square than Grodska street, and they also had seen the poster and so on. i tried to ask if they knew someone very similar to Emil, who could have been mistaken to be him..but did not get any understanding to my question because of the language barrier.

i have though found, on the blog i mentioned earlier, written by a punk girl in Krakow writing about her very tough soundng life, a picture of a boy, who i trough google translate could of her blogpost understand was her boyfriend who very sadly died this winter. There is a picture of the boy, which i very strongly doubt to publish on this page, because of respect to this girl,.. also ive been recommended to not publish the link to her blog, because its very private, and it might offend her. but the image is of a slim blondish, little dreamy looking boy with not very thick - chin long dreadlocks, similar to Emils.
there are strong indications this would be the solving of the grodska-emil.. this girl also writes about the 2 other punk guys we heard were hanging outside of Kefirek. it seems so possible.. i just sent the picture of him to the people who thought they saw him on Groska and with the punks, and lets see what the responds will be.

ok. the feeling otherwise is ok. very heavy in times, but the sun and spring being here and taking it slower now, and the thought of going home to finland for 2 weeks soon are brightening it up. plus all the humour and lifeforce of my great companions in this travel. David and Ilja, thank you too, i forget to appeciate you all too often <3
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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Article Published on

Filip wrote an article that is published in, most popular Polish citizen journalism service, about our search for Emil, and the complications of finding lost people in Europe since the border controls were removed in the Schengen area. You can read it on the website in Polish, and as soon as we have the English translation, we will publish it here.

Filip has also been a very big help in our searching work in Poland and was even more than a great polish support when following the reports with us to Krakow, also fun company for us for 5 days there.
All of our family is so thankful Filip!!!
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Back in city, hi Spring!


Hello everyone!
We arrived again to Krakow in the first spring days.
The mountains were beautiful and refreshing, we spent our days mostly outside and nights in a nice old sheepherd cottage. We feel more calm and in our selves than a week ago. Still tired though.

No news have come about Emil, some reports, but not more than "i think i saw him on this and this street" etc.

hmmmmh. its difficult with these reports that dont have much details. we can be spending unnecessary time looking up lots and lots of persons similar to Emil, and also we could be just neglecting very important leads if we dont. how to do it right...

So, If you believe you meet Emil on the street or anywhere, please go and just try to talk as much as possible with him, to get information that can confirm its him in the best way.
To hear his voice, to get a picture of his personality, to hear if he is from abroad, ask if he is from Finland, if he is called Emil..... and so on.
And something that might be very important for him to hear if he is alive and just choosing to do something different: that his family does not want to force him to anything, but just wants to know that he is not suffering somewhere needing our help, that he is alive, and that he knows that he is very longed for and really Welcome home what ever is his situation.

There is a tiredness and maybe a calming down coming in to the search, its been 5 months already since Emil got lost, and the chances to find people who could remember him, if he had an accident in october, shrink all the time. I can think of many things that could have been done better in time and so. Its painful to think that one would not have done the best things, but so it is sometimes.

I've been very careful with writing about also my sad feelings and confusions on the blog, and tried to keep it just positive and neutral.
in the beginning we wanted to make it our story about our serching and situation, but it has been kind of pushed by the circumstances and different forces into being more of an information page.

I and also David and Ilja feel like telling more about our thoughts about the situation.
Some people have asked to hear more personal experience of it all too, so hopefully also some other people will find it more interesting if we do so. It would aslo be nice to hear some ideas about what and how we could write.

lets see how it gets, every day is its own process.

Hugs from Here

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Going to the mountains

In Polish

There was an article published on the MMKrakow internet news portal on friday 12.2. I read it today, using google translate which doesnt make it totally right, but understandable.
To my disappoitment there were many false meanings and mistakes in the text.
Same thing happened in the article in Dziennik Polski.
Im glad we have a chance to correct it here for them who follow our process, and of course the most important thing is to get out the main message and Emils picture. But it doesnt feel nice anyway, and its not right to write things that people never said. Hmmrh.

We are now putting our searching on hold for some days or more, to gather some energy from the beautiful nature of the snowy southen Poland. Its been a long trip already and the last weeks have gotten too tired and inefficient. All the advice of not forgetting to take care of one self, is coming to my ears now.

I want to find my song and my sun.
and im sure we can reach Emil alot better that way.
Thank you all reminders, i, d, v, m, b, e, a, m, m, l, r, m, m, u, k, h.. and others.
Love, Emma

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Friday, February 12, 2010


We have found some good contacts to the grodska-street guys!
They seem to be difficult people to get straight contact to, but we got some tips, went out asking in some pubs yesterday, pub popularny and jass rock bar(in picture), got some numbers and also info about more ppl from a girl who e-mailed us.
Im sure we will soon know who this grodska-boy is.. the one who bought the glasses from Teresa in the Optic shop, and was seen sitting infront of Kefirek.
Exiting.. i will let you know as soon when we know more!

Yesterday we also got 2 more reports from Krakow.
1 guy saw him, "100% sure", walking on Lubicz street. We will surely post up the area
The second report came from an area on our way from where we live to te centre.
A guy saw him in a Tesco shop (food market) on wenesday. We went there with posters and to ask if someone working in the shop remembered the guy, and the shopworkers started checking tapes directly! I guess they did not find anything, because they did not call us as they told they would if they would find something useful. but Ilja and David is getting papers from the Police now to be able to get copies of the camera recordings, so probably we will double check anyway.
Later the same day the same guy called and told he saw the "Emil" boy again, and told that he believes he is living in the underground systems with some other people. It is warm down there, and there apparently is some group/groups of people living that way here.
We were wondering why he did not talk to the boy, and asked him to do it if he sees him again, but he seemed not to think it was a good idea...
Anyway, there is a church on the same street, who offer food to homeless, and they should know more about these people, living in tunnels under the city.

The Krakow Police has checked all hospitals in the area, and the Polish database (dont remember what it is called now) for unidentified bodies, from 1st October until now, luckily without any matching results.. but since a doctor friend to our hosts told that the information between hospitals and police not always works as it should, and that there has been cases when people who have been looked for, have been for very long times unconcious and unidentified in hospital, Krzysztof has been helping us and so far sent many e-mails to hospitals along the Warsaw-Berlin way.
Olga was with us today and sent messges also to all/most mental hospitals in the Krakow area.
We have the finnish police report and a letter with a request for support to our case from the Finnish embassy in Warsaw that we attach. It should help with getting information.

Tomorrow the bus-tv is updating their material shown on the screens. Hope there is no problems with the slideshow we made and our clip will be added now!

The filmclip for the mmkrakow newsportal will be made later, there was something else today to do for the reporter from them.

I will add some pictures to the older blogposts, that Filip Jurzyk took of us when he was with us, helping out with everything.
Unfortunately i have not managed to take any pictures of our view here in Giebultow. When you go down the road towards town, you see these perfectly round hills infront of you, just like from my childhood drawings :) i have never seen real ones before. It looks nice!

Hopefully more news later!


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